The W.A.P. Morris House - House built in 1849, Remodel in 2017

Materials were sourced from a local saw mill that used old-growth trees from a local forest. True 2×4’s were used to build the entire two-story outer shell of the house, including the roof rafters. Once that shell was completed, floors were added on the ground, and then second levels. This is known as “balloon framing.” Alternatively, we now use “platform framing,” where the floor is put down, and then walls are built, one level at a time. There is no true basement. However, there is a dirt-floor crawl space with stone foundation walls. During heavy rains it will fill with water, but drain quickly into the dirt.

The homeowners began a DIY remodel on the house ten years ago. They have made some progress, but find themselves in over their heads and ready for the update to be over. Every room, other than the kitchen and one bathroom needs extensive work.

That’s enough 1850’s history. On the next post, I’ll share our plan for how we are going to make this old house a warm, welcoming home. I’ll also provide more details on what will make this a challenging remodel, as well as an incredibly rewarding one.

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