Home Remodeling/DIY TV Show Reality Check

On home improvement TV shows they seem to approach demolition quite carelessly. Girl swings a big hammer into a wall, guy starts hacking away at something with a sawzall, cut to commercial, demolition complete.

In reality, demolition should be a thoughtful process. As we remove the parts that will be replaced, we must constantly be aware of what needs to be protected and kept . Our team takes time to seal off our work area from the rest of the house. Any floors that can be saved are covered in multiple sturdy layers of protective material. Our lead carpenter Tom is constantly evaluating the structural integrity of the home, and we build necessary support walls to keep it sound. Everyone also has to be aware of any potentially hazardous materials we may encounter, wear appropriate protective gear, and maximize ventilation. Dust that contained animal droppings, mold, and plaster dust was constantly swirling through the house.

During demolition we uncovered the bones of a few animals but didn’t find any treasure. We were usually successful avoiding rogue cob webs, and we hauled out a dumpster and a half of debris. One member of our crew discovered the aftermath of a chimney fire that occurred at some point.

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