Why are my floors squeaky and How do I prevent a squeak in my floor.....

Good afternoon everyone! It is March 1st at 1pm and it is blog time. I have taken some time

from blogging as I have been updating out website, getting out social media up and running as well as out on jobsites and preparing for some open houses. Speaking of which, check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BillButlerBuilders/) for pictures and detail for our open house this weekend. Well anyway, now its time to see what we can learn about squeaky floors.

Screw it, before you loose it!!! We have all been in a beautiful home that takes our breath away, but it also makes our ears cringe. Step after step you find out that the house is full of creaks and squeaks. Most of the time it is because the house is older and nobody knew better back in the day. So why on earth is it still happening with new construction? Well, that is because people are uniformed and well I guess you could say lazy! When laying the sub-flooring for the house (this is the flooring that goes on top of your floor joist but underneath the flooring you walk on) some contractors like to take the easy and cheaper way out. This may not be a problem now or in ten years, but eventually you will be living in a house that will mocking your every step. Nailing down this sub-flooring is quicker, easier and cost less to do.......Sweet then I can save some money in the process of building my house.......NOT so fast. There are other ways to save money in the construction process, DO NOT do it here. See over time, all the walking back and forth across your floors will work up the nail head. This is where you get that ear perking squeak and creak from. The sub-flooring now has room to move and flex allowing it to make noise. The way to prevent this from happening over time is......Screwing it!! No matter how much you try, you will never be able to work a screw up. Yes this will cost you a little more money up front, and it will be a pain for the contractor, but you will know your flooring was done right and it won't be talking back to you 50 years down the road. It just takes a simple conversation with your contractor to make sure they are not cutting corners and building your house to last (not just to make a quick buck). Makes sure your sub-floor is being screwed down to the floor joists!!

Here at Bill Butler Builders, we always give the best treatment to our customers. This means, we will always screw down you subfloor so you won't have to worry about squeaks and creaks later in life. Thanks for reading along and hope to have to back for our next blog in two weeks.

Signing off -

Rylan the Builder

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