Trouble finding a stud....Well lets look at the base to find that stud in the wall

Welcome back everyone and I hope this finds you on a great Thursday afternoon, thank you for checking out our blog again on our #thirdweekthursday. It has been three weeks since our last post (our construction term blog constantly updates so we aren't counting that one) and I want to share a little tip with you this afternoon.......At some point in your life you need to find a stud in the wall in order to hang a picture frame, mount a mirror, mount a T.V. wall mount, etc. Using a stud finder makes your life 100 times easier, but what happens if this doesn't work. Maybe you don't have a stud finder at home or some reason it is peeping all over the place so you think you might just have a solid wall made of studs. Well I am going to guess that that is not the case and there are other problems here. Forget the stud finder and use this trick that I picked up one summer when I hand to run Base Board in two newly built homes. This may not be the case for all homes or for all builders, but you should be able to find where the studs are in the wall by looking at your base board (this is the wood trim that runs at the bottom of the walls in your house). Now if base is properly installed, it will be nailed into every stud or just about every stud depending on where they land. If you look closely, there will be two nails every sixteen inches or so. These trim nails may be a little hard to spot at first as they are recessed into the wood and the smalls holes are filled with wood putty. Use a flash light and look closely for small holes that are slightly different in color or look like an indent in the wood. Remember, there should be two holes pretty close to one another. These nails should be placed right on top of one another, if not this should still work.

The bottom nail (this will be the nail in the bottom of the base board that is closest to the flooring) can be nailed at any point because it is hitting the bottom plate of the wall. The top nail is the one we want to find. If your base board is nailed in correctly, these will be in the studs. The reasoning behind this is so the nail has something solid to stick in. See this nail in the top of the base is to high off of the sub-flooring in order for it to stick into the bottom plate of the wall. For this reason, it will/should be nailed into the studs along the wall. It will be nailed about every 16 inches across the wall. To double check this, take a small nail and lightly tap it into the wall just above the base board were this top nail is. You should be able to feel it hit some solid (not just poke right through the dry wall). You can also check it by taking a long pin. The same principles apply, you should be able to poke the pin all the way through the drill if there is no stud behind it. When you are on a stud, you will only be able to push it so far till you "fell it stop". If you check it and it is right, all you need to do is measure off of a corner or end of the wall to where the "spot check" is. This way you can get an accurate measurement higher up on the wall when you are nailing or screwing whatever it is into the wall. Thank you for following my blog and continue to check it out for other construction tips/ideas. Good Luck Stud Hunting!!

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