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Earlier this month on our #thirdweekthursday post, we went over some HGTV shows that are great to watch if you are interested in remodeling and are looking for ideas. Today we are going to take a closer look at a siding option to help give your exterior a nice face lift. This option is a little bit more expensive then some traditional ways like vinyl siding, but for the cost, it will last longer and give you house a higher end look.

Not only does siding give your house the color and look that you want, but it also provides protection for your house. I will walk you through a couple factors to think about when looking at what type of siding you want. After that I will give you some categories of siding and little but about what I think. Finally I will talk a little bit about the siding that I think is best. I am by no means an expert in the area but I hope this blog will give you a little bit of knowledge and some ideas before you start looking for your final product. There are a couple factors I like to think about when I'm looking at siding and installing it for work: Water Resistance, Installation, Aesthetics, and Durability. All sidings are water resistant (well help shed water if installed properly), but they all have different life spans. It is important to know what the life span of your siding is. If a siding allows water in, that will create bigger problems down the road and throughout all of your house. Not everyone has to worry about the installation factor, unless you are planning on doing it yourself. If you are, then you need to keep in mind how hard certain types of siding are to install. You may need certain tools and materials in order for this to be possible. The third factor is aesthetics. This could be the second most important factor. You are going to want your house to look beautiful as you are coming and going from house. All of the different types of sidings out there will create a different curb appeal. Finally we have durability. I believe this is the most important factor. You are going to want something that is going to last and keep you house safe in the processes. Before I get into some specific examples of siding and want I think about them, remember that you can always combine some options.

I am going to group the first three together as the "old reliable". In this grouping you have Stucco, Stone and Brick. These are all hard rock based products that are extremely durable. These materials were typically used back in the day, as they were the only things available. They look beautiful and add great character to the house, but require some outside source for installation. This can look great around a whole house, but I think it looks best when you use it sparingly. This can be done by have a stone or brick arch by the front door, a waste high character wall around the front of the house, the back side of the house to tie into the deck or patio, and many other options. I have seen plenty of houses that mix some stone features and mainly using another type of siding.

The next category for siding is "wood". Within wood siding you have: Shakes and shingles, lap, and log. Again these can add beauty and character to your house, but you will most likely need some professional help to install. One of the reason I do not think a siding within the wood category is the best is because of the up keep. To keep a great look and make sure the wood is sealed properly, you need to stain/seal it every couple of years. This extra up keep is not worth the hassle in my mind.

The third category I will call "quick and easy". In this category we have your vinyl and aluminum types of siding. This type of siding was pretty popular before the the turn of the 21st century and partially into it. This siding is pretty easy to install and could potentially be done on your own. Over all, it is not that durable and it tends to fade over the years. I'm not a huge fan of this type of siding but it most likely will be your cheapest option.

Now, lets talk about LP siding. Over the past couple of years I have noticed that everyone is starting to go with LP Smart Side siding. This is an engineering wood siding. It is pretty easy to install just like vinyl but it provides you with the look of wood. But unlike wood, the up keep is not there. The siding has a backed on paint. By doing this, it is less likely to fade, well have a tighter/longer seal for what, is more durable and like I said before it provides you with an outstanding look. This product has taken the siding world and market by storm. I really to believe that this is the best siding product out there at this day and time. Thanks for hanging in there on the longer read today. Come back next week as I will talk a little bit about decking and on option to get of those pesty screw holes.

To the right, we have some pictures of some LP Smart siding that we put on a garage that we built this spring. This custom color siding went on with ease and the finished product was on of a kid. Our customer couldn't have been happier with the look and finished results of this siding.

Thanks for reading a long this week and look forward to having you back for our next #thirdweekthursday post.

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